Welcome back gorgeous or is this your first time here?

You must have an impeccable taste and some super skills to find us from this huge world of internet - so good job! I hope you were aiming to find a new interesting blog site because that's what this site is all about. You can start browsing around using the menus but before you start I want to open up a bit what you can find under these different pages. Hope you like what we've created so far!


Here you can find pieces of our journeys and hopefully get some inspiration and tips along the way. 


Elegant, casual, chic, edgy, timeless, effortless, classic, easy, practical, fun, sexy or artistic statement...I wear it all. This is my own style collection. Hope you get some new inspiration & ideas for your own unique style! Style is really all about how you feel and what you want to express at the very moment. It's fun. It's art. And to add some cliche: "you are the pencil and the canvas". 


Coming next: Our own projects, work and collaborations I want to share with you!


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