Honeymoon moment in Cook Islands!



Let's just take a deep breath in and even a bigger exhale out. This is Rarotonga, the ocean pearl in the middle of the Pacific. We went here for our honeymoon in January (2017). First we flew to Auckland (took only 26 hours from Finland) and stayed there over New Year's Eve. After the celebration and sparkling wine we put our sunglasses on and flew to Cook Islands' biggest island Rarotonga (4,5 hours from Auckland). 

Rarotonga, or as locals call it "Raro", has many breathtakingly beautiful beaches. It's a wonderful place for snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking or just for relaxing. The beach in the pictures is called Titikaveka Beach and it was our favourite one! Perfect for enjoying the picnic & snorkelling.

Letting yourself adjust your internal clock with the thing called island time is something to go for! This basically means pacing your day without clocks.  Personally I had never experienced that before in my hectic life. In these last years we have worked 24/7 and I really needed that island time -well we both did. 

Raro truly is a paradise on Earth. However, there were some little tropical surprises that we as Scandinavian people were not so used to. I have so many great stories from this amazing place! In near future I'll tell you one thing that almost broke the paradise spell and got me thinking the next flight back home haha!

For now I'll just post these pictures we took one evening with our hamam towels we got for Christmas.

Travel tip: Those towels are the best for travelling because they dry so quickly and are light to carry with you - huge recommendation. 

travel sea






 Where to go:

Cook Islands - Rarotonga

What to wear:

Hamam towel 

What to do:

water sports, relaxation, enjoy local culture and let yourself settle down to "island time" and there's no rush (+local night market for foodies)

Until next time! 


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