Rarotonga sealife

Welcome back to Rarotonga, the hidden pearl of Pacific Ocean! It’s time to tell a bit more about the wildlife of this stunning island.

I would bet on that here you will spend most of your time by the beaches. Being able to go kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving and exploring the lives of the water creatures was absolutely wonderful! There is a little jungle in the middle of the island too. I would recommend you to see also that part of the island (read more here). However to be honest it’s nothing to compare with beaches.

Rarotonga is the biggest island of Cook Islands. It’s surrounded by this quite large reef which makes it easy to explore the life of underwater. The reef gives the perfect platform for corals to thrive and it also protects island from the big waves.

I found corals very beautiful and full of marine life though some areas looked damaged. It is extremely important not to touch anything. This is to protect the corals and for your own safety. There are a few things you should know before you go.

Marine creatures

There are some marine creatures that can cause unbearable pain with their venom or just bite you badly. Any scratches from the coral or any bite marks will most probably get infected. So if anything happens clean it immediately and if you’re not sure what it was it’s good to find a doctor.

Here bites can be caused by eels or some fishes. Stonefish is maybe the most feared one because the dangerous venom. It is a shy fish and it has the perfect camouflage but if you step on one it is not your lucky day! We also were warned about the cone shells which are very poisonous and if you pick one up its stinger will take you down.

All together you will be just fine if you respect the wildlife and leave it be, do not step on anything and definitely do not pick up anything from the ocean. Also using coral shoes is a wise thing to do. There are also lots of different sharks nearby area but it is very unlikely to see one in a lagoon.

So the poisonous wildlife of Rarotonga is actually only in the sea. There are some pretty cool land creatures (we managed to meet the most frightening one) and you can read more about that HERE.


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